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We at TestBuds have a wide exposure in testing products in the areas of
  • Networking    [Switch, vSwitch, Routers]
  • Data Storage [DAS, NAS, SAN, RAID, Storage Technologies]
  • Virtualization [VMware, Microsoft, Citrix]
  • Web-apps      [Java, .Net, PHP, HTML5]
  • Telecom&Mobile Technologies [iOS, Android]

With experience from companies like NetApp, EMC, VMware, HP, Tektronix, SANDisk, Chelsio, Wipro, Symphony, Global Edge, Cisco, Tesco, etc., we are well versed in various processes which make a product more robust, in addition to realizing various techniques to unearth defects before customers do. We realize and share a passion about reducing customer pain points very close to the defect injection phase. Our deep understanding of wide dimensions of testing methodologies like Functional, Load, Volume, Stress, Scalability, Performance, Security, Compatibility, Configuration, Regression, Memory Leak, Usability and the ever-effective Ad-Hoc Testing, make our testing services valuable for any product which desires to make a better impression on the customers who use it.

We possess skills to automate test cases using Perl, Selenium, Python, and/or C, and also to design Automation Frameworks from scratch to suit our Clients’ environments and requirements.

We also provide contract staffing as an option for our esteemed Clients to leverage the cost-effective models of test execution at their organizations needing short term (min of 12 months) investments in Product Testing with a Contract-to-Hire option at the end of a min of 12 months service of our employees. With this model, our Clients can choose to hire tried and tested employees thus benefiting them with issues related to non-performance after hire.

We Provide

  • Contract staffing
    • With min of 12 months projects
    • With contract-to-hire option

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