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Founded by competent professionals, with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, in late 2011, TestBuds is supported by a very solid core-team too. The core-team comprises of a bunch of extremely technically competent professionals, with over 120 man years of software exposure, from world-class organizations like Cisco, NetApp, VMware, Tektronix, SANdisk & Hewlett Packard.

Today, TestBuds is a tech-haven for those looking for Quality of Service in areas of  Software Testing, IT Training & Recruitment. TestBuds specializes in extremely niche segments of the IT Industry today, v.i.z. Storage, Virtualization, Big Data & Cloud Computing.

With clients ranging from exciting Startups to mid-sized product and service companies, TestBuds is growing and expanding it's client base beyond India, to cater to services in Software Testing,  Software Development and Recruitment. 

Being mentored by an AVP of a mutli-billion dollar Service Company, Managing Director of a succesfully funded Product Startup & CEO of a 750 member company, TestBuds is growing leaps and bounds in the value added services that our clients can leverage from our core-strengths.

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